The handbook

The Girls Squad

Handbook for students

We at Athletics Ireland aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Ireland. The Girls Squad was developed to contribute to the health and fitness of young girls, and to promote the growth of athletics in schools, clubs, and communities.

The Girls Squad will encourage inclusion and initiative from all involved and will allow for real life learning to take place through project work and physical challenges. Our activities and challenges ensure the promotion of personal and social development, whilst learning valuable life skills along the way.

Our aim is to educate, empower and encourage young girls to become physically active, and to lead a healthier lifestyle, whilst creating a newfound appreciation for all thing’s athletics! The programme will encourage physical activity in a non- competitive environment and will place an emphasis on participation rather than performance.

The Girls Squad will encourage secondary schools to incorporate athletics into their PE and after-school programmes in a fun and inclusive way, but also encourage students to try athletics outside school with their local athletic clubs. Athletics Ireland will reward schools for participation, so the more students involved the better!

We hope that you enjoy the programme and have a positive athletics experience and I look forward to working with all schools involved in The Girls Squad over the next number of years!

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The Girls Squad Handbook